Cinnamon With MicroBLOQ™

MASQ  Fabric:

✓ First Layer – Silk Fabric

✓ Second Layer- Tight- woven Fabric

✓ Third Layer- MicroBLOQ™ Antimicrobial Thread

✓ Fourth Layer – PureMASQ Filter (Optional)



✓ Each mask includes ten (10) PureMasq®* filters OR five (5) PM2.5** filters

✓ Reusable "Limited Edition" MASQ Pouch.

Benefits of the MicroBLOQ™ Layer

    ✓ Pevents microbial growth within fibers.

    ✓ Proven in tests and studies across the world to destroy 99.9% of          bacteria and viruses within contact.

    ✓ Lab tested & certified (SGS, CMA, CNAS).

    ✓ Requires fewer washes- it reduces the growth of odor causing microbes that remain on fabrics even after washing.

    ✓ Produces no permanent odor build up.

    ✓ Generate longer product life — bacteria and fungi degrades textiles, but with the antimicrobial fabric, this will extend the life of the product.

    ✓ Stay cleaner and fresher longer.

    ✓ Antimicrobial technology adds a durable defense barrier on fabric, which helps fight odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. 


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