How can I order?

You may order though the website or message us through our Facebook or IG page @The MASQcollection

How can I pay?

You may pay using cash for COD, Gcash, bank transfers or Paypal.

When will my MASQ arrive?

Please expect your item to arrive within 7-14 days :) We'll make sure you get the perfect MASQ.

How to properly fit MASQ?

Adjust nose bridge and chin cup for comfort, adjust straps for a secure and comfortable fit. Check that side flaps are flush with sides of face. Ensure breathing is unobstructed.

Can MASQ be used as PPE or medical device?

No, MASQ follows CDC guidelines for fabric-based mask and uses PPE grade filters, but has not been rated as substitution for PPE or as a medical device.

How long can I use the filter?

PureMasq® filters can be rewashed up to 5 times. For PM2.5 filters it can be used up to 1 week depending on environmental conditions.

How often should I wash MASQ?

Depending on frequency of use, you should wash your Masq routinely. Use of sterilizers (ie., UVC) are suggested as a daily solution but does not replace regular washing. Please follow Masq care instructions for proper washing.

When should I wear my MASQ?

Any time you go out in public. In settings where social distancing measures may be difficult.

What’s your return policy?

We only accept returns, refunds, or exchanges for products with factory damage or any incorrect items delivered.

Can i have an item exchanged if i change my mind?

No, all purchases on the website are considered final. While we understand that you might have changed your mind, we will not be able to take back items due to strict sanitary standards especially during this time of pandemic.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase, you can e-mail us at wearmasq@gmail.com.

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