About US

The 2020 pandemic changed the world overnight. New challenges and struggles came
about with the “new normal”. Simple daily routines such as going out; to work, to the market,
for a walk, became a dangerous affair. Suddenly face masks became a daily necessity in order to survive. Faces became engulfed in a sea of white masks; surgical, N95, cloth.

A loss of identity inadvertently came with the need to wear masks. The MASQ Collection
was established to meet this need. Developed and designed in NYC, with 30 years’ experience
in the fashion and garments industry, MASQ set out to create a face mask that would allow the
wearer to express themselves through various and unique designs instead of a blank white
slate. MASQ was designed to be comfortable, reusable, stylish and most importantly safe.

From the creation of The MASQ Collection, we have continued to innovate and strive to
create the perfect mask. However, we believe there is more that we can do. With this we grow
with sustainability and philanthropy as our core values.

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